Burton Pidsea Wind Farm Comunity Fund


Fund:                                    £20,400 per annum

Area of Benefit:                   The electoral wards of Mid Holderness, North Holderness, South East Holderness,and South West Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with a preference for appropriate initiatives within the proximity of the development.

Objectives of the fund:      

  • Charitable initiatives
  • Educational initiatives
  • Community initiatives
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Energy efficient initiatives
  • General community initiatives

The fund panel can distribute the money as:

  • Commissioning - where the fund panel devise a public benefit project and employ a group to deliver it;
  • Donations - where no conditions are placed on the money given to a project;
  • Grants - where conditions on use are placed on the money given to a project with timescales, milestones, and reporting arrangements in place;
  • Loans - where the money is spent and repaid at a later date.

Composition of the awarding panel are representatives of:

  • Burton Pidsea Parish Council
  • Burstwick Parish Council
  • Elstronwick Parish Council
  • Halsham Parish Council
  • Roos Parish Council
  • A member of Burton Pidsea Community
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • The Developer
  • You are strongly advised to read through the application form and guidance notes then contact the fund administrator at ruralfunding@eastriding.gov.uk with any questions.