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Some of the Roos Tree Planting Group          Planting by some of the Roos Bell Ringers


Roos Woodland Group was established in 2012 in order to co-ordinate and  develop a tree planting policy for parishes within the immediate vicinity of Roos  and Tedder Hill Wind Farm developments. The initial funding allocation arising from these renewable energy projects being £15000.


Consultation with local landowners and other interested parties and with ERYC (Heywoods)) identified hedgerows and parcels of land suitable for the planting of indigenous and traditional tree species. The new planting requires careful maintenance to ensure that new growth is not impaired by inadequate watering in times of drought or by weed encroachment. This has resulted in funding being  made available for volunteer members of the group have the opportunity to take training in woodland skills including technical training such as the safe application of pesticides, safe use of chainsaws and brushcutters as well as learning how to manage the new planting of fruit trees and the concept of establishing a community orchard. The Maltas Row scheme illustrates the wide variety of fruit species recently planted.


Several members of the group have already undertaken training courses provided by either Lantra Awards or City and Guilds. The specifically designed courses lead to qualifications appropriate for those working in the land-based environmental industries. Full  information concerning the work of Lantra click

Additional funding is being made available through the East Riding Community Learning Fund - for further information:

Roos Woodland Community Learning Fund. 

This programme is funded by the East Riding of Yorkshire Community Learning Fund 2012-13.  The aim of which is to widen participation in learning within the community and will target under represented groups.

Funding is available until the end of February 2014 for members of the local community and surrounding villages to enable them to gain skills in brushcutter, chainsaw, all terrain vehicle handling, fruit tree pruning and pesticide application.  This project was drawn together by the Roos Woodland Group who has been active in re-establishing hedgerows, and, establishing historic and traditional fruit trees with funding from local wind farm developments.  To enable the Group to maintain the woodlands and newly planted trees it was essential that members received training in woodland management skills.  The Group made a successful bid for funding in July 12 and were awarded £14,000+ for training. 

Technical training courses in woodland management have been delivered through Morton Training Services, a Lantra training provider from Holme on Spalding Moor.  Up to the present time members have successfully completed training courses in the safe use of pesticide knapsack application and chainsaw wood cutting.

Courses planned for November, December and January include chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting, safe use of strimmers and brush cutters as well as formative fruit tree pruning, the maintaining of mature fruit trees and how to establish a community orchard.  Training is free for anyone over the age of 19.  There is no limit on the amount of training that may be undertaken, however funds will be made available ‘on a first come first served’ basis.