Roos Playing Field Association

Roos Playing Field Association

An association of many individual sport and recreational groups.

Roos Playing Field Association was formed over thirty years ago. Since then, money raising over the years, has established a highly valued leisure and recreational resource for residents of Roos and the local community.

It caters for all age groups across a wide range of interests. It provides an extensive Playing Field with a Pavilion and Changing Room facilities, and a well equipped Childrens Play area. It is used by the Cricket Club, Football Club, Aero Club, and many other groups.

From time to time, the Playing Field provides space for car boot sales and the Pavilion is occasionally used for social  and private functions.

The Association is self financing with management meetings arranged only when required, each club or group pays the lowest possible charge sufficient to cover the basic running costs neccessary to maintain the facilities.

New groups are always welcome.


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   Dudley Hulme


   7, Hinch Garth, Roos. HU12 0HR


   01964 670379