Roos Parish Council covers the settlements of Roos, Tunstall, Hilston, and Owstwick.


The Council conforms with all nationally determined legal requirements, codes of practice, policies and procedures.









Council Policies and Procedures

                    Transparency Code for Local Authorities  Click to view (As adopted by ERYC)

                    Publication Scheme: Freedom of Information Act    (As adopted by ERYC)

                    Standing Orders Click to view

                    Councillors Code of Conduct Click to view       (Adopted by ERYC October 2019)


                    End of year Accounts - Annual governance statements - Internal audit reports.

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Ward and Parish Councillors


Following the Elections of May 6th, Claire Holmes has been elected as a Ward Councillor  for South East Holderness.

Following the Parish Council Meeting of August 9th........................... was co-opted to serve as  and a Parish Councillor.

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Parish Council Meetings are normally held in Roos Memorial Institute on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7.30pm

Members of the public are warmly invited to attend.

Annual General Meetings are normally held in May immediately prior to the normal meeting of the Council.

Note: Currently meetings are being held on a bi-monthly basis.



Council Agendas are usually published on Parish Notice Boards and Parish Website at least three days before each meeting. 

Draft Council Minutes are usually circulated to members well in advance of the meeting. They are  confirmed and approved by Council at the meeting  at which point they become a legal document.


Roos Parish Council has limited powers but can submit comments for consideration by the Planning Authority.

See Panel to the right for recent applications/decisions.

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This section covers.

                    Conservation Areas - Click on settlement Roos, Tunstall, Hilston.

                    Dog Fouling

                    Flooding - Roos Beck - Riperian Owner Responsibilities.   Tunstall Coastal Defence Scheme and map. 

                   ERYC : Winter - Snow Code - Gritting   ROOS Pavement gritting.

                   Parish Paths - Definitive Parish Paths Map - Definitive Statement             

                   Tree and Hedgerow Planting Opportunities.   ERYC - HEYwoods, also, Roos Woodland Group:  

Council Meeting Minutes

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Planning Applications


Planning Ref:  18/01920/PLF       Land North Of Eastfield House Pilmar Lane Roos

Change of use of land for the siting of static caravans for residential park home occupation and operational development consisting of the construction of an access road, parking and foul and surface water drainage infrastructure.

This Application was Refused by ERYC Planning Committee in 2020.

Following an Appeal to HM Planning Inspectorate the Application has been Approved.

To view the Planning Inspector's Decision and Conditions click here.

Planning Applications Roos Parish 2021

For full details of these and other applications visit:


21/01111/TCA | Tunstall Conservation Area - Dismantle Conifer tree (T1) as growing too close to farm building and outgrowing its position | Westhill Farm Main Street Tunstall

East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0JF

Decision: Approved


Planning Ref: 20/04231/PLF | Erection of a dwelling with associated works | Land East Of The Paddock South End Roos East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0HE

Decision: Approved



Planning Ref: 21/00531/TCA | Main Street Conservation Area  - Fell 1 no. Scots Pine tree (T1); Fell 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T2) due to closer proximity to the dwelling and driveway than recommended by insurance association, tree trunk is showing cracks and possible disease, evidence of historic cracking in garage wall and of relatively low amenity value | The Willows South End Roos East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0HE

Decision: Approved


21/00342/PLF | Erection of dwelling with detached garage | Land West Of The Paddock South End Roos East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0HE

Decision: Approved


21/00077/PLF | Alterations to roof from hipped to gable, increase roof height with installation of roof lights to front and rear and dormer windows to rear to create first floor accommodation | Berriedale Pinfold Lane Roos East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0HU

Decision: Approved


21/00788/TCA               Roach Cottage, South End, Roos. Main Street Conservation Area - Fell 1 no. Silver Birch tree due to tree outgrowing its location and is covered in ivy; Fell 1 no. Conifer hedge

Decision: Approved


21/00789/TCA               West Lea, Rectory Road, Roos. Roos South Conservation Area

Fell 1 no. Cherry tree (T3) to allow stronger specimens to thrive

Decision: Approved


 21/00996/PLF |   Erection of single storey extension to side following demolition of existing garage | Cornelian, South End, Roos,

East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0HJ

Decision: Approved



 21/02705/PLF |  Erection of single storey extension to side with garage following demolition of existing garage, construction of window to first floor side I The Bailey, South End, Roos. East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0HJ

Decision: Approved


21/03271/TCA | ROOS SOUTH CONSERVATION AREA - Fell 1 no. Mature Ash tree (T1) limb due to heart rot running through it; Dismantle 1 no. Holly Tree (T2), 1 no. Tulip Tree (T3) and 1 no. American Basswood Tree (T4). | Garden House Rectory Road Roos East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0LA